AMWPR Practice Areas

Our clients look to us for results and we deliver. Each of our practice areas has a dedicated team member who is smart, creative and resourceful in that particular trade. We thrive on solving challenges and creating new strategies to help our clients succeed.


Our real estate practice is one of the cornerstones of our firm. Our clients represent every facet of the industry, from commercial and residential developers to brokers, owners, advisors, and construction companies.

Our industry expertise, coupled with the sheer size and breadth of our clientele, has made us a critical resource for real estate journalists. Our excellent working relationships with these reporters have enabled us to help our clients meet some of their most challenging tasks—whether they involve leasing up buildings, obtaining financing, repositioning properties or generating public support to get projects off the ground.


AMWPR has multiple years of experience in the healthcare PR arena. Being one of the most talented and experienced PR firms in the industry, we have unrivalled expertise in consumer health, innovative science and a track record of shaping strategy, implementing programs and driving business value for healthcare PR clients. We understand the health communications arena.


AMWPR helps consumer products and brands build strong, authentic relationships with customers. Programs that apply the same message across all channels and audiences feel generic and fail to create lasting emotional connections with consumers. Our  consumer division works with clients to tailor messages and strategies that speak to their key customers in different and meaningful ways.


Today’s travelers have access to a world of information. AMWPR helps some of the world’s most admired travel and hospitality brands reach these consumers, providing inspiration for their next adventure. Whether it’s introducing a destination to travelers, launching a new property or promotion, building engagement or developing strategies to dominate a market, our team creates sophisticated programs that capture attention for travel and hospitality brands in a crowded, distracted world.