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Empowering Organizations in Times of Change

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In early 2020, Careerminds, a leading career transition and outplacement company, recognized the urgent need to address the conversation surrounding layoffs and work changes brought on by the pandemic. They sought to position themselves as a prominent voice and trusted partner for companies navigating major employment shifts. To achieve this, Careerminds sought the expertise of our agency to help them capture media attention, highlight their CEO's expertise, and showcase the value proposition they offered to organizations during these challenging times.


Understanding the significance of Careerminds' mission and the rapidly evolving employment landscape, our agency swiftly embarked on a comprehensive communication strategy. We collaborated closely with Careerminds to develop a targeted plan that would elevate their brand as a thought leader, solidify their position in the industry, and drive awareness of their unique value proposition.


Our team leveraged our extensive network and media relationships to secure high-profile coverage for Careerminds. Through strategic pitching, we positioned CEO Raymond Lee as an authority in the field, emphasizing his expertise and insights on the impacts of layoffs and work changes during the pandemic. We crafted compelling press releases, thought leadership articles, and captivating story angles that resonated with media outlets and their audiences.

Our efforts yielded remarkable results as Careerminds gained substantial media attention across multiple platforms. Worth Magazine, New York Post, CNN Business, Business Insider, The New York Times,, Reuters, and local television stations throughout Pennsylvania were just a few of the outlets that showcased the company's story. This extensive coverage not only amplified Careerminds' voice but also established them as a go-to resource for organizations seeking guidance and support in navigating workforce transitions.

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